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AgTech Spotlight: Bird Laser Deterrent

Bird Control in Vineyards
AVIX Bird Laser Deterrent Protecting Northern California Vineyard

For the "inaugural" AgTech Spotlight post, we fittingly highlight our inaugural agtech solution, the AVIX Autonomous & Handheld Bird Laser Deterrents. Of all the agtech products available on the market, it's crazy to think that a high-powered laser beam that deters pest birds and waterfowl would be a huge reason as to why Cypress AgriTech was founded. After all, if you're willing to adopt a bird laser deterrent, why wouldn't you use electric pruning shears or drones to speed as methods to speed up labor-intensive or time-consuming tasks within your farming operation?

Humor aside, we quickly realized the bird laser deterrent was not only interesting, but it was incredibly effective. Growers who were early adopters of this technology, opened our eyes to other agtech solutions being used on their operations; solutions that were effective but perhaps had little distribution or service channels for growers in other regions. Our quest to streamline agtech distribution and adoption began with the AVIX Autonomous Bird Laser Deterrent and Handheld 500 Bird Laser Deterrent, manufactured by our partners at Bird Control Group.

Use Case

Pest birds (starlings, wax wings, pigeons, crows, etc.) and waterfowl (geese, ducks, cranes, etc.) can disrupt any business operation, particularly if food, water, or ideal shelter/nesting space is accessible. In agriculture, heavy bird pressure can mean foraging or pecking damage to fruit, seed loss in vegetable crops, or animal health hazards to livestock if birds present are carrying avian influenza. Birds become used to sound over time, and they learn to fly around stationary visual deterrents once they learn those deterrents pose no threat. Traditional methods such as bird netting works well, but there are recurring labor and material costs associated with that particular solution. The AVIX Autonomic Bird Laser Deterrent is a silent solution that omits a patented class 3b green laser beam, autonomously and constantly moving throughout the day to keep birds on the fly until they eventually tire out and move on to a new environment. An investment into this solution typically pays itself off after the first year and pays dividends every year thereafter. Because this system is durable and modular, the farmer can count on having the AVIX Bird Laser Deterrent for the better part of the next decade.


  • When deployed correctly (timing, placement, and programming are key), the AVIX Bird Laser Deterrent reduces bird damage by an average range of 80-95%

  • One (1) autonomous bird laser deterrent can cover up to 30 acres at a time; Two (2) units working together simultaneously can cover up to 40 acres at a time per unit

  • The autonomous bird laser deterrent can be programmed to run all day, or from dawn to dusk, constantly running (even on holidays and weekends)

Why Does the Bird Laser Work?

  • Biology: Birds have extra oils in their eye, which means they have excellent vision but also sensitive vision, and they can pick up the laser beam even during the brightest of days

  • Unpredictable: The laser beam is programmed to constantly scan and cover the "problem areas", constantly motioning through hundreds of waypoints in silence

  • Instinct: Pest birds are instinctually afraid of what is motioning or flying towards them through the air... in this case, a pest bird sees the beam motioning towards them and tries to avoid it, perceiving it as an aerial predator such as a hawk or falcon (the bird laser does not affect predatorial birds for this reason)

Bird Lasers in Use

Since 2019, Cypress AgriTech has deployed over 600 autonomous and handheld bird laser deterrents throughout North America, in a wide variety of crops ranging from wine & table grapes, strawberries, blueberries, sweet corn, leafy greens, and more. The AVIX Bird Laser has proven successful in livestock applications such as commercial dairies, feedlots, and poultry operations. Other applications include golf courses, warehouses, and commercial buildings looking to reduce maintenance costs and loss of aesthetic value due to heavy bird pressure.

Bird Lasers in Agriculture
From Left to Right: Wine Grapes, Blueberries, Romaine Lettuce

With a network of sales and service representatives and reliable phone support, this solution to bird control in agriculture can be trusted and trying it out for a season has never been easier. Reach out to us at to learn more about our flexible rental and lease-to-own options. We're happy to share relevant testimonials and references!

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