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Accessing Technology Products & Services in Agriculture

Cypress AgriTech was founded in the fall of 2019 with a simple idea in mind: create a suite of technology solutions for the busy, hard-working farmer; solutions that will address common pain points such as labor, time constraints, operational bottlenecks, crop protection, data collection, and more. In order to do this right, we knew we had to talk to our farmer friends and others in the agriculture industry to dig deeper on issues they experience throughout the growing cycle and see how we can help source the most practical, cost effective, and sustainable technology solutions that can be easily accessed through a single channel.

Farmers only have so much time during the day, and anything can go wrong on any given day. Farmers also work with many different vendors, partners, stakeholders, which means the amount of "free time" they have for another phone call, e-mail, meeting is extremely limited. Their opportunity to research and perform due diligence on emerging technologies or new solutions to current practices is also limited. The solution? Be the value-added dealer and service provider local farmers need to see. Eliminate the barriers of accessing the best performing agritech solutions on the market and offer a variety of flexible options through the discovery, adoption, deployment, and service phases of the relationship process.


We start with a specific farming challenge in mind, and then we scour the market for the best fit. This can take months to years, but we are constantly looking for solutions spanning a wide variety of categories. Some solutions may be manufactured (hardware) or developed (software) in the United States, some may be sourced from outside countries with strong technological capabilities such as European countries, Israel, South Africa, Australia, and so on. Once we've narrowed down our options to a few worthy candidates, we trial this technology with local growers in various regions and growing climates, and we work closely with both the on-farm user and technology manufacturer or developer to optimize the solution based on real grower feedback. Not every technology solution is created equally, and every farm is different, making this part of the vetting process important and invaluable. If the grower likes the technology offering and the feedback loop for continuous improvements, product procurement lead time, user experience, and serviceability is superb, that represents a good fit for the Cypress AgriTech suite of agriculture technology solutions that we will then trust to offer to our customers through our single channel. Through this vetting process, we uncover the solution's practicality and durability, in addition to cost-effectiveness and sustainability - all of which are important in making sure the technology solutions we present to farmers are made for agriculture.


Farmers know that agritech has been advancing, and the right solutions for many of their challenges do exist, but the marketplace for these technology solutions has grown so much over the past 10-15 years that the discovery stage can seem daunting. While we do not distribute and service every possible offering that can solve all their needs, we provide a variety of trusted solutions and optimal services that will address multiple needs throughout the growing cycle, increasing accessibility and deployment of agritech solutions in today's landscape. Cypress AgriTech works with an extensive network of contractors in order to provide optimal access and quality service, while also making sure that the technology we provide is easy-to-use and easy-to-manage, as we understand that many growers value self-sufficiency as a method to reduce recurring costs associated with maintenance.


More often than not, we come across manufacturers and developers in the agritech space that have limited reach for distribution and serviceability in certain regions. These companies have spent so much time and money in research and development, engineering, product testing, and patent filing that they need a trusted partner who can be their "boots on the ground" in agriculture and act as an extension of their sales, market, and service efforts. This is where Cypress AgriTech comes in. We do not develop technology, but we partner with those that do in an effort to streamline technology adoption in agriculture. The best agritech solutions deserve to be seen, and hard-working farmers deserve the ability to test it out before adoption.


We believe that a country's food security, a crop's long-term vitality, and the future of farming is dependent on the adoption of well-vetted, practical agritech solutions that reduce operational costs without compromising quality or integrity. Our founding team grew up in Bakersfield, CA surrounded by growers of all crop types, big and small. We understand that sometimes challenges arise that are out of our control (policies, weather, market conditions, etc.), but if we can help the farmer control what can be controlled (labor costs, task management, data collection, and more) we are doing are part for the future of agriculture by playing a role the best we can. We will continue to add products and services to our growing suite of agritech solutions, we will continue to grow our accessibility by partnering with trusted local contractors for distribution and service, and we will continue to work with farmers on best practices of these solutions they entrust to solve the problem at hand.

AgTech Solutions
Cypress AgriTech meeting with pear growers in Washington.

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