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Growers saw less absenteeism and productivity increases of over 30% when using the F3020 Electric Pruning Shears


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Griffin's Lair Vineyards

We have tried many bird deterrent measures but most are difficult; while lasers make it easy & effective.

Meduri Farms.png

Meduri Farms

We had a lot of birds in the farm; now with the Autonomics we don’t even have to worry about it - we simply have no issue anymore.


Grand Canyon GC

We went from literally thousand of geese to the occasional 10 to 15.


Schuyler Farms.jpg

Schuyler Farms

The mapping is useful to show where our orchard tractors have sprayed and be able to see if a block was missed, we use daily reports to see where equipment has been and weekly reports to keep us on top of our oil changes and let us know about check engine errors.

colligere farm management.PNG

Colligere Farm Management

Thanks to IntelliCulture's eagle-eyed insights, we can anticipate and pinpoint maintenance needs for our tractors well in advance, which helps us be proactive and save time and money.



Nematode Detection

Approximately 2.5 acres were saved, however by detecting the infestation at its early stages, the nematodes were stopped in their tracks and prevented from affecting a larger area of the farm.


Irrigation Study

Using the satellite health map on Aeroview, an agricultural service provider helped one of their table grape clients to spot two blocks that were showing low moisture content.

fruit fly detection.PNG

Zonal Vine Analytics

After the flight, the grower was able to access per-zone and vine analytics at the click of a button on Aeroview. From this, he could see exactly which areas were in trouble.

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Wine Business Monthly

It is impossible to ignore all the research from Europe and Australia that documents the undeniable increase in worker production when using electric pruners. In some studies, gains were up 40 percent over manual pruners.


Hy's Cider Mill

We purchased a pair of pruners about 10 years ago and have been using them ever since.

We currently own 6 pair of F3010 with 3 being medium heads, which has greatly improved our productivity in our orchard. We can make large cuts in our apple trees and speed up pruning with less fatigue.  

I have received the same response from the people I have recommended the pruners to.

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