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Technology in Agriculture

The constant change of technology and innovation has and will forever shape the trajectory of agriculture. In the beginning, simple tools were crafted to increase production and reduce much needed energy for other tasks, simply to produce enough food for a small village, family, or individual. Now, those involved are using complex machinery and technological advancements to feed the world.

With a wide variety of negative forces, both internal and external, combating the very nature of this noble industry, mankind has unified in a unique way to solve these issues through the use of technology. It is a lifestyle that only those who participate in it can understand the fruits of the labor, and in many cases, it is the very people in the agriculture sector creating these technological advancements to help this community flourish, and turn these negative forces into positive outcomes.

These advancements in technology have set a new course of action into play. For those on the front lines struggling with different issues affecting their yields or operational procedures, these new technologies are increasing production, reducing labor costs, solving irrigation issues, increasing efficiency across the board, and ultimately resulting in higher profit margins and quick returns on investment.

At Cypress AgriTech, the partnership portfolio is strong, offering proven solutions to every day issues. We have been working closely with our original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), offering them customer feedback, in order to develop and improve new ways to make processes more efficient. It is our everyday goal to constantly work on fostering positive relationships between manufacturers and growers, in order to keep this well oiled machine running smoothly.

Here at Cypress AgriTech, we provide sustainable solutions for growers through technology and innovation. We serve the agriculture sector, among others, by connecting growers to innovative and proven OEMs to help reduce operational costs and increase production yields, as stated. Since January of 2020, the Cypress team has worked hand in hand with growers of various crop types, livestock managers, industrial sites, and the business sports industry to ensure that their introduction to these new technologies are monitored and cared for. We rely on end-user feedback to ensure improvements are made on behalf of customer satisfaction levels.

Cypress takes pride in working with our innovative partners who strive to make their products better. Our team commits endless hours to business development, marketing, and customer service. After almost two years of relentlessly traveling across the country to meet the needs of current and potential customers on their home turf, despite major obstacles such as the global pandemic and the resulting stall of financial funding, Cypress has gone from one inaugural innovation partner at Bird Control Group to now five official partners. Beyond BCG, we are proud to introduce; Aerobotics, FieldClock, Infaco, and the creators of the world’s first fully autonomous electric harvest cart – Vinergy. We continue to look for ways to internally and externally improve our efforts and push for new partnerships who can integrate seamlessly and complement our already strong portfolio of partners. Through these efforts, Cypress AgriTech aims to play its part in the massive global issue mankind faces: the food supply chain under current duress due to increasing worldwide populations, environmental changes, and the extreme rise in labor costs in North America. Furthermore, we aim to aid those in other sectors of business, through proven products, and excellent service in order to eliminate looming issues.

Our process ensures material savings and operational efficiency so that growers see a substantial return on investment. In several cases, current customers of ours, have achieved their return on investment in the first year of use. We understand that using technology poses substantial financial risks in all forms of business sectors, due to the uncertainty of political, economic, social, environmental, and legal forces. However, Cypress uses on-site demos to prove the validity of its promise, and we display real-life testimonials to share the successes of our customers. We do this to instill trust, in order to mitigate risk and reduce barriers to entry on behalf of growers.

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