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RECAP: December 2021 Tradeshows

Our team at Cypress AgriTech believes in the importance of community. We want to work with people who share that same dream and vision. By joining in trade shows, we are able to showcase what we do and expand our industry presence.

From December 6th to December 9th, 2021, Cypress AgriTech participated in trade shows in the Pacific Northwest and Northeast.

Here’s a little recap to help keep you updated:

At the Northwest Horticulture Show held in Yakima, WA, one of our Territory Managers & AgriTech Consultants, Patrick Hellman, attended the show and manned our Cypress AgriTech booth. He was accompanied by our innovative partner, FieldClock. The show yielded great interest in the FieldClock Labor Management & Tracking Software Solution. Another very popular product on display were the Infaco Electric Pruning Shears. These innovative shears are some of the most durable and long-lasting pruning shears on the market, and include many models and customization options for your operational needs.

The Great Lakes Ag Expo was held in Grand Rapids, MI. Attending this show was our Founder & President Riley Boylan, a man who loves dealing with customers directly. Riley was accompanied by one of our Territory Managers who also doubles as a key member of our marketing team, Grant Jessup of Denver, CO. This show was booming with corn growers eager to learn about technological advancements made for rotational crops like corn. We like to be involved in solution-finding for all crop types, by offering successes we’ve seen on sites of all kind. For example, we learned through a successful 2021 trial in Ohio that our Autonomous Bird Laser Deterrent manufactured by Bird Control Group can save corn growers over 30% of crops lost due to bird damage. This geographical region is densely populated with corn growers, and other growers, consumed by the presence of damaging bird populations. From this, we saw growing interest in this product alone. As our previous booth visitors roamed around, through word of mouth, the spread of positive insights spoken by Riley and Grant grew. From this, more new visitors came to get information. We anticipate more deployments in the Midwest in 2022, as these growers experience and talk about the success of this laser. Beyond that, Riley and Grant were also able to meet key players from prospective innovative partners based out of Florida, a market that Cypress is currently researching to serve.

There will undoubtedly be more of these events in the coming year of 2022! Connect with us to learn more about what we do and where we’re going next!

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