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2021 Highlights at Cypress AgriTech

As we welcome 2022, we would like to take you on a look-back at what Cypress AgriTech worked on in 2021.

In 2021 we worked with several major growers, livestock operations, sport facilities, and other sites, highlighting and offering Cypress AgriTech the opportunity to genuinely prove the greatness of its products and services. We deployed a bird laser on a prestigious PGA Golf Course, decreasing their bird population by a staggering percentage. We deployed 20 autonomous bird lasers on a highly competitive vineyard located in Northern California, receiving positive feedback. We serviced a competitive dairy farm in Utah, providing them with 11 autonomous bird lasers. We held successful trials in a variety of new crop types. In Ohio, we decreased a corn farmers bird damage by 30%. Furthermore, on the California Central Coast, we helped a lettuce farmer increase their yields by reducing bird populations substantially. Yet again on the California Central Coast, a strawberry grower sought our services and was overly pleased with the results. We were also able to have a successful trial at a massive poultry farm in Iowa, protecting their livelihood from the looming presence of Avian Influenza. Aerobotics was used on a hundred acre vineyard on the Central California coastline, offering valuable insight on the health of their operation, providing them with real time data for sound decision making. Lastly, Cypress saved a California blueberry grower on expensive labor costs during the harvest using Field Clock, while increasing productivity through the deployment of the completely autonomous Vinergy Gopher iQ cart.

Beyond the realm of the agricultural sector, our team signed a new consignment partnership agreement with Troon Golf, servicing their needs. Finally, we worked valiantly with Gensler & the LAPD to protect fallen heroes' memorials from bird damage.

As we try to keep up with the digital world, we take pride in announcing that our social media following has increased by a hundred percent! And as we find more and more sustainable solutions to help our growers, we're happy to say that in 2021, over 90 new growers committed to a Cypress AgriTech product or service!

We hope we can continue to support your cause and work with you in the coming year to maintain and innovate creative ways on helping the agricultural community, among others, to strive for generations to come.

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